Computational Thinking CTPO4 and DDDO PO3

In this challenge we build on the coding lessons learned from the Constellations and Telling the Time resources we have already created and published. As a result, the support materials for this project are not as comprehensive as in previous resources. However, we do supply links to support videos related to the creation of sprites for this challenge. We suggest that if you or your students are unsure of how to use comparative operators and the broadcast blocks, that you try the other resources first before atteempting this one.

The aim here is to address the statement at the start of each progress outcome indicator: “In authentic contexts and taking into account of endusers…” This activity is designed for students to create a resource for younger students to learn some key words in Te Reo and to test them and provide audio examples of the words. The students would need to consult with either the teacher concerned or the students to identify the area of need being addressed by the game/resource being created. Obviously there is no need to test knowledge that is already mastered, so new vocabulary would be the aim here.

If you want to see how the coding for this challenge works the following link will take you to a working example. Obviously, this link should not be shared with your students… Here is the link to the solution we wrote for this challenge: First words in Te Reo

If you want us to make more of this kind of resource please contact us at and we will make more resources to share with you, related to your need. If you want to gain access to a copy of the teaching resource shown above please contact us also.