Computational Thinking PO2 and Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes PO2

This activity is a simple coding activity in terms of the range of blocks needed to be successful, which is minmal. Specifically the success of this activity relies on the show and hide blocks and how to sequence what is shown and what is hidden using a combination of the when sprite is clicked, broadcast and when I receive blocks, making this a low level PO2 activity.

What will stretch and challenge the students however is the logic and sequencing of the sprites to be able to successfully build the tourist information resource that is at the heart of this activity. In addition we have included some budgeting using Google Sheets, so this activity is also a DDDO PO2 activity.

By keeping the coding requirement to a low level we have made the entry level to this task almost universal, however the complexity of the outcome is entirely up to the students. As we have yet to launch this activity in a classroom, we have yet to see how the students will react to it.