Computational Thinking PO2

This activity allows students to explore tessellating irregular shapes by using Vectr to draw and manipulate their designs. The students use a simple algorithm to create their shapes. This algorithm is then extended to get them to use their prior knowledge of rotational symmetry to design new shapes but that have rotational symmetry properties too.

In addition to this work there is an opportunity for students to create patterns, in this case, kowhaiwhai patterns using Scratch.  This could be easily adapted to include Islamic patterns which lend themselves very well to algorithmic thinking and follow tessellation and rotational symmetry rules.

If you want to see an example of the kowhaiwhai pattern code, a simple example can be seen here:  kowhaiwhai.  Obviously do not share this coded example with the students.  There is a video of the pattern emerging from this code in the resource that the students can watch as inspiration.

If you want us to make more of this kind of resource please contact us at and we will make more resources to share with you, related to your need. If you want to gain access to a copy of the teaching resource shown above please contact us also.