BBC Micro:bit Servo Challenge #1

BBC Micro:bit Motor Challenge #1

Micro:bit Motor Challenge #2


Brain Gym
Computational Thinking – solving problems

Makey Makey – Marble Maze

Problem Solving

Story planning with Edison Robots

Whiteboard Directions

Giving and following simple instructions and debugging


Makey Makey – Whack a Mole

Combining several commands to make a make a more complex program

Coding Using Edisons and Edscratch app

Edscratch website


Simple sequential unambiguous instructions


Creating simple algorithms using non standard measures

Non – Computerised Computational Thinking

Creating and following simple, concise, unambiguous instructions

PO1 – Year 1

PO1 – Year 3

PO1 Year 1

Yr 2 coding with LOGO

Makey Makey – simple input output procedures

Drone Maths

Computational Thinking – patterns year 2