2023 is likely to be remembered, for good or ill, as the year of AI. Putting aside all of the dystopian hysteria around AI, there are a lot of AI tools that can be effectively and creatively used in a classroom, that will enhance the learning experience and learning depth for students.

We have spent a lot of time since ChatGPT hit the the public consciousness early in December 2022, playing with it and the ever increasing suite of AI tools that have followed in its wake. As a result we have made this pick-a-path literacy resource, using a range of AI tools to not only aid the creation process, but to raise the quality of final product experience for students and their intended audience.

This activity does not have to be a creative literacy exercise. We can see how this suite of tools, when combined into an immersive VR end product could be use in the presentation of inquiry or science fair outputs for example. The only limitations are the imagination of the students and the time given to them by their teachers.

To create the final output we have used the following tools, which individually are free to use or can be used at a (freemium rate), are easy to use and when combined, create the kind space adventure you can see here:

Space Adventure

The tools used were:

360 degree images created on: Skybox (free, no login required)

Script created on: ChatGPT (Free, might be blocked in your school)

Recording of Script Created on: ElevenLabs (Free, with limitations, login required)

3D props used in 360 degree scenes: Tinkercad (Free, login required)

All of the above assembled and coded in CoSpaces: (Freemium, login required)

We are very excited about how AI, when used creatively in a classroom can aid the learning experience for learners. With graphics creation tools like Leonardo, Craiyon and the inclusion of ChatGPT into tools like Bing, Microsoft Office and increasingly as helper apps in Chrome, we need to be ahead of the curve with AI, leading its integration in school, rather than ignoring it. If you would like use to help you on your AI journey, to create innovative learning opportunities for your students, then talk to us

If you want us to make more of this kind of resource please contact us at david@dakinane.com and we will make more resources to share with you, related to your need. If you want to gain access to a copy of the teaching resource shown above please contact us also.