In this task the students will be asked to look at an image, rather than read some text.  We think inference is a difficult skill to master, so we encourage students to hone their inferential skills by using their powers of observation first to build their inferential skills.  We have a series of images on different resources for you to use.  There is plenty of source material you could use on the internet to adapt this resource to meet the needs of your students or the focus of your lessons.

We have found that students engage more readily with these images and ask more probing questions to hone their inference skills when using these resources

The resource we reference in this post can be found here: Inference #1

To use this resource, simply make a copy of this resource and rename it so that you become the owner of it then adapt it to meet the learning needs/intentions of your students/planning.  If you want us to make more of this kind of resource please contact us at david@dakinane.com and we will make more resources to share with you, related to your need.