This resource is a tool for students to use to monitor their own reading progress.  Use this template to allow students to evaluate their own reading progress.  We suggest implementing a reading self evaluation structure as follows:

  1. Have your students record their reading, apps such as SeeSaw, Fotobabble, Screencastify, Powerpoint etc can be used to capture the audio, preferably an image of the front cover of the book should be captured too
  2. Have your students upload the audio file to your chosen site/blog/app
  3. At a later date, the following day for example
  4. Have the students listen to their audio recording, whilst following along with the original text
  5. Using the template and an initial set of goals, supplied by the teacher, have the students assess their performance
  6. The students should then make a note of their new goals based on their tick score
  7. Screen capture the two slides using Screencastify, Powerpoint, SeeSaw etc
  8. The student now has evidence of their performance and evaluation at a set point in time.

Repeat this process as often as you feel appropriate.  Use the collected evidence as progress indicators for three way conferences, report writing etc

The resource we reference in this post can be found here: Reading Goal – juniors

To use this resource, simply make a copy of this resource and rename it so that you become the owner of it then adapt it to meet the learning needs/intentions of your students/planning.  If you want us to make more of this kind of resource please contact us at and we will make more resources to share with you, related to your need.