Computational Thinking PO3/4

This activity is a CT PO3/PO4 activity. The purpose of this activity is for students to create a game that informs the user of the benefit or otherwise of the food choices they are about to make with regards to the food available to them in the digital fridge of the game.  This activity relies heavily on using comparative operators, variables and inputs and outputs and therefore is a high CT PO3 / low PO4 activity


For teachers who want to see an example of the code for this challenge, then you can see it here: Food Pyramid

It should be noted that only four of the food types have been coded to illustrate how the broadcast function can be used to set and re-set sprites into the game and use these broadcasts to alter variables too. This example is to help teachers guide students through the computational thinking process to successfully create their own digital fridge and the link should not be shared with them, for obvious reasons!

This activity is not really an activity for students who are very new to Scratch, whilst not impossible for them, it would represent a steep learning curve and a lot of computational thinking…

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