Computational Thinking CTPO4

This activity builds on the Constellation activity that we posted earlier where students use the input/output blocks to ask questions. In this iteration of the coding challenge the aim is to make a “game” for younger students to use to learn to read the time on an analogue clock face, a perennial problem in this age of digital clocks. In addition, we have added some additional challenges at the end of the work to extend and challenge those students who complete this task early.

If you want to see how the coding for this challenge work the following link will take you to a working example. Obviously, this link should not be shared with your students… Here is the link to the solution we wrote for this challenge: Telling the Time. As an additional bonus we have also created a copy of this resource and coded it for Te Reo, this might provide that extra level of challenge for students and provide an additional opportunity for you to integrate more Te Reo into your class programme.

If you want us to make more of this kind of resource please contact us at and we will make more resources to share with you, related to your need.